The Sark Company is a contemporary, pertinent, formidable clothing brand driven by the goals of empowerment, individuality and all-inclusiveness. We believe in not just selling clothes but rather to make a culture that spins around individuality and voicing yourself; To be free of self-uncertainty and express.

The designs that you will discover in The Sark Company would not be quirky or unusual. It would be just basics since they are versatile and can be worn to work, after work or even on a Saturday night. This was the thought behind incorporating The Sark Company - to make basics for men accessible at affordable costs.

The item that we make doesn't convey any logos. It is made in a way that energizes adaptability as we need Sark to be perceived not by its letters or by an image but rather by its aesthetic, style, it's quality and the overall emotion of our brand.

We firmly believe that basics never go out of trend and fit perfectly for every occasion in a man's life. Thus, we embarked on this expedition with The Sark Company, armed with a vision to become a one stop solution for all the basics menswear clothing that retains the characteristics of vintage and most importantly allow the wearer to feel liberated and spirited.