Why is it vital to have Polo Shirts in your closet?

Ever since Rene Lacoste wore his iconic polo amid a tennis game at the 1926 US Open, the polo shirt has become one of the most loved shirts among men for the past century. Polo shirts are a standout amongst the most basic closet pieces for men amid the spring and summer seasons. Described by their collared necks, two or three fastening buttons, and short sleeves, polos are a common design however are highly versatile.

Polo shirts can be worn for a game of golf or tennis, dressed down on casual days, and even spruced up for the office or for corporate suppers. Regardless of whether you're going out with companions or heading down the bar to sink a few pints, a polo shirt will be a good companion. You can experiment with different colors and designs to suit your own personal style. That is the magnificence of Polo shirt - a shirt for every occasion. This is the reason why it has turned into the new closet staple for each man as it can be styled in numerous ways and can never be out of fashion.

Origin of the Polo Shirt

1875 – Indian polo players look for a breathable, less confining option in contrast to their inflexible long-sleeved shirts as the collar flapped during the game. As a result, a button-down polo shirt is designed to enhance movement and comfort during play in sweltering Indian conditions.

1926 – French tennis star Jean René Lacoste wears his very own designed pique cotton short-sleeve polo shirt weaved with a small crocodile logo on the breast during a tennis match at the US Open, which he goes on to win.

1952 – British tennis star Fred Perry propelled his very own line of sportswear: a white polo marked with a laurel wreath, a logo inspired by the Wimbledon symbol.

1972 – American tycoon Ralph Lauren launches 'Ralph Lauren Polo' and with it his very own line of polo shirts.

2016 – The polo shirt fills in as a uniform for the likes of tradesmen, athletes, and students for its straightforward structure, solace, and solidness.

How many Polo Shirts you must have?

To be completely forthright, there is no restriction on the number of Polo shirts a man ought to have. It totally relies on the individual. However, it is recommended that each man must have a classic white polo shirt as it is the most versatile of all and can be worn with joggers, pants or even a suit. Apart from this, it is good to have somewhere around 5 or 6 good quality polo shirts in your wardrobe. The color choice again depends on the individual but it is safe to have solid classic colors like blue and black. One can also have some bright colors like sky blue or green for those evening snacks or night recreations during summer days.

How should a polo shirt fit?

Getting the correct fit is basic for any piece of clothing, and a polo shirt is no exception. So, here's how a polo shirt should fit. Beginning off with the sleeve, it should finish halfway down the bicep. There should be sufficient space to fit 2 fingers in the sleeve between the shirt and the arm. The hem of the shirt should sit a couple of inches beneath the belt of your jeans. To complete the look, do button up at least one of the buttons to avoid a flabby and sloppy look.

To sum up, polo shirts are exemplary in any man's closet. They're keen and rich and are appropriate for many events. One can wear them in a number of ways from casual to smart-casual to smart and as the person gets increasingly confident wearing polo shirts, he may discover many interesting ways to dress them to create his own unique style.