Do's and Don'ts of Polo Shirt

Polos are the kind of shirt that you can find in the wardrobe of every man, as it can be worn with chinos, ribbed jeans, shorts, joggers or trousers. People wear them to football or tennis games and furthermore to corporate dinners. It just fits for every occasion as it represents class and elegance.

Despite this broad usage of the shirt, there are a couple of do's and don'ts that you must keep in mind while wearing polo shirts to help you look smart.

1) Do ensure it’s fitted

It is imperative to ensure that your polo shirts fit you appropriately. You need your polo to neither be too tight that it wrinkles or pulls over your body nor be too loose that it appears messy and crush the young athleticism which usually comes with the look. Good quality polo shirts are made with excellent cotton and thus they tend to fit pretty well if the size is correct.

2) Do button at least one of the buttons

Having every one of the buttons undone flabby and untidy. One is typically good. Whether you need to have all of them buttoned up is an individual’s choice however one must ensure that all the buttons are not undone.

3)  Do feel free to tuck or untuck, depending on the situation

There is no rule whether you have to tuck or untuck your polo shirt. It simply depends upon the outfit and the event. Tucking gives you a progressively formal look while untucking is increasingly casual. On the off chance that your shirt's longer in the back than the front, it is certainly intended to be tucked.

4) Do have a collection of both solid basic and bright colors

It is vital to have a wide accumulation of polos in multiple colors in your closet. You can't go wrong with having polos in classic shades like blue, black and white. Beyond these, you can likewise explore different colors like green, mustard, and sky blue.

5) Don't wear an Undershirt

An appropriately fitted polo shirt is tight and sufficiently long to cover all the right places. Men wear undershirts as it helps to soak sweat and furthermore gives them additional solace. However, men must abstain from wearing undershirts with polo as it slips from under the sleeve or crumple at the collar.

6) Don't Pop your collar

Always keep the collar of your polo shirt down. The trend of popping collar is over and gives a wrong impression to others. It removes the class and elegance that polo shirts resemble. So, always make that you keep the collar down.

7) Don't wear a shirt with a large logo

Of late, there is this trend to wear polos with large logos. This is a strict "don't" with regards to polos. While having a little logo on the breast is often unavoidable since it has been one of its signature marks from the beginning, yet one ought to abstain from wearing polos with large oversized logos.

8) Don't wear an athletic polo for casual wear

Polos designed for games like tennis or golf are manufactured using synthetic performance materials and cut for ease of movement. They are great for playing sports as it makes the movement free but shouldn't be worn as casual wear. One should always wear cotton polo shirts for casual wear.