Single Polo T-Shirts at Rs. 649

What makes our Polo T-Shirts more special?

Softer Yarns

At the Sark Company, we believe in using only the softest and strongest yarns from the best cotton producers across India. Our products feature extremely lightweight polo t-shirts which will not only soothe your skin, but also leave you feeling luxuriously happy.

What makes our Polo T-Shirts more special?

Breathable Fabric

The polo t-shirts at The Sark Company are made of 100% cotton fabric which absorbs moisture, keeping your body dry throughout the hot summer day. The cotton fibers keep the fabric away from your skin creating a thin layer of air that not only helps you stay cool during summers but also keeps you warm on colder days.

What makes our Polo T-Shirts more special?


All the polo t-shirts of The Sark Company are bio-washed, which means that the natural cellulosic material of cotton is improved by treating it with various enzymes, resulting in increased softness, durability, and shine of the fabric. Bio-wash also helps minimize the fading of the fabric's gorgeous colours.

What makes our Polo T-Shirts more special?

All Walks of Life

Whether it is an important business meeting at office or a long lecture in college, a romantic dinner date or a rocking Saturday night party, we have versatile polo t-shirts that fits just right for every occasion. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered by bringing to you our collection of polo t-shirts in colors to show off your style in any occasion.

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